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Christmas Craft Ideas

The Christmas season is a wonderful time to engage kids in fun and creative art projects that develop their fine motor skills and appreciation for art. Check out our Christmas craft ideas here.

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Giant Minion Witch & Lil Minions WitchCraft

One of Munchkin Place's favorite movie characters to inspire our crafts are from "The Minions" movies. This may be Minion craft #23556799 and #23556800 we have lost count.       Let's begin with with a the Small Minions Witch Craft and then move onto the Giant Minion Halloween Witch Craft.

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Painted Pumpkin Ideas

Halloween is a season that brings out Artistic Expression in all! We hope that a few of our Painted Pumpkin ideas  inspire you. Unicorns, Jack Skellington, Spider-Man, Ninja Turtles, Mickey Mouse, Minions and more.

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