Simple Llama Craft

Simple Llama Craft Idea

Plus Llama Facts below the craft to share with your children or students.

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Inspiring Creativity through Art is the Munchkin Place way.  Great for children of all ages. Scissor Safety: For younger children, precut the pieces at a safe distance away from the little ones. All that you need to complete this craft is; Card Stock or Construction paper, scissors, a pencil, black marker and a non-toxic glue stick.  


 Craft Llama

Facts About Lllamas

llama facts

1) Llamas are smart. 

Adorable Llamas are able to learn and understand how to do even humanlike activities.  They have the ability to follow some directions and complete basic tasks. Some Llamas have even been taught by Scientists how to how to use a mirror!

2)  Llamas live to be 20 to 30 years old.

llama facts

3) Llamas love to hang out with other Llama friends.  They, are very social. Llamas live in herds. Which is a group. They have been known to welcome groups of sheep or goats as their own herd. Llamas protect their herds by chasing off predators such as coyotes.

4) Llamas can grow as big as 6 feet tall.  Although, the average height for a Llama is between 5'6"-5'9" tall.

llama facts

5) Llamas hum as one of their ways of communicating.  Wow!  It would be awesome to teach a Llama to hum Mr. Sun which is one of our all time favorite songs to sing at Munchkin Place.

6) Llamas are used as therapy animals to make sick patients feel better when they visit them.  How wonderful!  Don't know about you but we would love to have a Llama visit us when we were sick or feeling down.

llama facts

7) Yarn is made from a Llama's fur.  It is very soft and warm, yet lightweight. Llama undercoats are used for fine fleece in comfortable clothing and baby blankets.  The fur on the outer  coat of a Llama is much courser. It is used to make rugs and rope.

8) Llamas can shoot their spit up to 10 feet away.  Although they seldomly spit at humans (unlike their cousins the Camel).  Llamas will use their spit talents to establish pecking order within the herd. A Llama's spit is sometimes green as a result of undigested food.

llama facts

9) Llamas are strictly vegetarians.  Meaning they do not eat meat.

10) Llamas are members of the camelid family.  They are close relatives of camels, alpacas, vicuñas, and guanacos.

 Hope that you enjoyed this craft idea. Munchkin Place will be updating this post with new Llama crafts after we create them.

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