Spiderman Painting Tutorial and Free Coloring Page Printable

Spiderman Painting tutorial craft idea Preschool

Spiderman Watercolour 🎨 Resist Art Painting & Free Colouring Page Printable

Step 1: Print off the Spiderman Colouring Printable.

Spiderman Coloring Page Printable free

Step 2: Cut out Spiderman with safety scissors.(Please note Munchkin Place recommends scissors only to be used under direct Adult supervision.)

Spiderman Craft Idea

Step 3: Trace around Spiderman using a black Crayon on White Cardstock paper.

Free Spiderman Craft

Step 4: Cut out Spiderman's eye mask using safety scissors. Then trace around them on the Cardstock with black crayon. Colour in the eye mask with the same crayon.

Step 5: Use the Spiderman Printable as a guide to draw his shirt, shoes, spiderweb markings and the spider on his chest with black crayon.

Spiderman Washable Marker Painting

Step 6: Then draw squiggles with Washable Markers to show what areas should be painted in which colours. Red for the head, shirt and shoes, Blue for the pants, Yellow for the eyes and background.

Step 7: Provide your Munchkin or Munchkins with Watercolor paints, a paint brush and water in a cup or small bowl.

Step 8: Provide instructions to begin painting with Yellow #1,

Blue #2 and Red #3.

Another variation of the same painting.

 Spiderman Watercolour Painting tutorial

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